Hey, it's Angie Alison here.

I'd like to briefly introduce myself and tell you a bit why I am here running this blog.

And also why I am advising men how to become successful with women in online adult dating.

I actually consider myself a normal woman in that I am easy-going, friendly and approachable. I like people and I believe there is some some good in everyone.

I know that, based on my pictures, I can come across as the opposite of these qualities. Be honest. You thought I was bitchy! 🙂

But that's just a perception! We make plenty of judgments when meeting people online. Many of them are untrue.

So let me briefly share with you my story here.

I am Polish by origin. Right after finishing my studies in Poland, I became a teacher. 

That didn't last very long though. It wasn't for me. I mean, I knew how to teach well. But I fell somehow constrained by this job.

Plus, I always had this enormous effect on men, even when I didn't really tried.

As it happened, soon after starting this job, I went on a few-months long teacher break. Then I looked around for some part-time job.

How I became a top European stripper

I came across this ad for a bartender in a strip club. I though: Oh, I can do that!

So I went there for an interview, but I felt I nailed it the moment I opened the door lol 🙂

And so I became a bartender.

Now, you have to understand one thing. Bartender is not a stripper.

This is important. Bartenders were not supposed to sit with clients.

And clients were not supposed buy bartenders drinks, of which the girl would get a share from the club's profit.

So things became awkward when clients would consistently insist that I sit with them.


They all wanted to buy me drinks and even insisted that I start dancing on stage.

So eventually, after a couple of months, I decided that actually, I should start dancing on stage.

I knew I could do it as well as the other girls, if not better.  And so my stripper journey began! 🙂

I worked in a number of strip clubs in Poland, and I don't want to brag but...

Well, let's just say I became a bit of a legend.  Clients were often waiting in lines to buy me drinks or get a private dance from me.

In essence, I became one of the top go-go dancers in Poland, if not number 1.

One time while on holiday in Cyprus, I wend with friends to a local go-go club. Just for fun.

Before I knew it, my friends convinced me to go on stage and the manager insisted that I give it a go.

Admittedly, I was taken off guard, but I went on for one dance and ended up making quite a bit of money from guys and the manager.

That was fun, but I also felt it was unfair to the actual strippers working there, so they didn't manage to convince me to dance to another song.

It was super fun though! 🙂 And I don't need to tell you how much I have learned about flirting and attraction throughout my strip club experience, right?

From the stripper to on-line model

After a few years, for various reasons, I moved to the UK. It was a big decision, but I am happy I made it!

Convinced by some friends, I gave it a go in one Hampshire strip club, but that didn't last very long.

Compared with the most of Europe, I found the 'control' culture to be a bit too much for me here in the UK. Or at least in this club.

I mean, it's fine if other girls didn't mind it. But I just found it uncomfortable being CCTV recorded AND observed by a security staff member when performing private dances.

It was just hard to relax and feel intimate - for me as well as the guys.

So anyway, long story short, I started my journey in on-line adult modelling and that had also worked really nice!

One thing I really like about on-line modelling, in contrast to the clubs, is the relationships I was able to start building with people.

In a nightclub, everything happens fast and is short lived.

On the Internet, I was able to get to know some people very well and that experience is much more fulfilling to me, I must admit. 

It reflects my needs more closely.

I can give you the most accurate advice on how to attract hot women online

So here I am, running this blog on how to attract hot women on adult dating websites.

Why do I do it? There are two main reasons, really.

First, I've always enjoyed the topic of attraction, flirting and seduction.

And I've always been fascinated by how you can build attraction over the Internet.

I know men sometimes struggle in that area, considering the volume of  competition from other guys.

After all, it's very easy to start looking for women online, everyone can do it, and you need to do it right to stand out!

The second reason is that, over the years, I've gotten so much love and admiration from men.

And I simply feel like giving something back. Upon reflection, I've decided that I can offer most value on this very topic:

How to become successful in attracting hot women on adult dating sites.

I am a woman, so I know how women think.

I also have a huge experience with men, so I know what they do right and WRONG.

I realize it can be frustrating to try and meet the right woman online.

And I also know there is a lot of advice on this topic already online. That's good.

What I would like to offer you is a unique perspective of a woman who simply has TONS of experience with men AND beautiful women.

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